ShapeFitup Smart Posture Corrector Support

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“I’m going to start standing and sitting straighter!” How many times have you heard yourself say that?

Well, ShapeFitup Smart Posture Corrector Support will make sure you stay true to your word!

A built-in sensor automatically detects when you may be slouching over and vibrates loudly so you can start building better posture habits.

This Back Correction Belt is completely elastic to fit any body type, comfortable to wear, and not noticeable one bit when you put a shirt or blouse over it.

Now you can start improving your posture yourself without wearing an oversized Back Correction Belt limiting your mobility and sacrificing your comfort!

ShapeFitup Smart Posture Corrector Support


  • Built-in automatic sensor vibrates when you start slouching
  • Unisex design for men and women
  • Elastic with adjustable straps to make it comfortable for any body size
  • Helps straighten your posture with consistent use
  • Press the power button on the back to start the Back Corrector


ShapeFitup Smart Posture Corrector Support


Order yours online today and start straightening your posture with the help of ShapeFitup Smart Posture Corrector Support!


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