Lustrouskin LCD IPL Epilator Laser Hair Removal

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Get that Silky Skin with Lustrouskin Smart and Safe IPL Epilator Laser Hair Removal Machine

For millions of people, hair can be a huge annoyance! Now, you don’t need to worry because we have a solution to your painful hair removal process.

It's a totally new painless hair removal machine in which a high-power semi-conductor diode laser beam is sent deep into the skin where hair growth starts. The photon energy vaporizes and destroys the follicle cells which produce unwanted hair. It helps to stop hair regrowth and get pleasure from clean epidermis every working day on experience and physique. This product makes laser hair removal at home easy as 1, 2, 3. 

laser hair removal


• Silky Smooth Skin – Lustrouskin IPL Epilator Laser Hair Removal elimination program functions wonders to avert the reappearance of hair on the encounter as well as the human body. Light pulses of laser, used regularly, keep epidermis silky smooth every single working day.

• Full Control – It has 2 treatment modes (Manual & Auto). Manual is used for precise areas like face, underarms or bikini, whereas auto mode can be used freely for your entire body.

• 100% Safe – The amount of light energy used is extremely small and poses no hazard to the skin. It is mechanically safe and controlled at every stage of the application.

• Painless Hair Removal Process – It generally feels like a mild 'pinch' which lasts only a small fraction of a second. Should a client have a high degree of sensitivity to the treatment, adjustments can be made to the machine, which will eliminate any sensation.

laser hair removal


• Quartz Tube – It’s equipped with a premium quality quartz tube that makes the process safe and painless.

• 600,000 Flash - Applies mild pulses of mild to the hair root that outcomes in the hair shedding naturally and inhibits hair regrowth. With this much versus how much laser hair removal in clinics, this is simply worth it!

• 2 Treatment Modes – It has adjustable two treatment modes (Manual & Auto) along with five adjustable intensity with one push button.

• Convenient to Use – Slide and Flash method for a more handy and ongoing software.

• Whole Body Fast Treatment – Most secure IPL technology for confronting thanks to particular attachment. Perfect for legs, underarms and bikini area with five mild power settings.

• Power Supply – Rechargeable, effortless-to-use, cordless, hand-held product for greatest flexibility and maneuverability throughout use.

laser hair removal


This machine works by creating longer wavelengths of its laser, thus providing better results. This is because the machine promotes safe penetration into the deepest layers of the skin. Let’s experience it.  

There’s nothing at all quite as feminine as the experience of silky, easy skin. No need to worry about how much does laser hair removal cost in skincare clinics, you can get the lustrous skin you have been wanting every day. All you need to have is the hair elimination strategy which is correct for you.

laser hair removal


• IPL/Laser hair removal is not recommended for dark toned skin as side effects may occur. Please use with caution.
• For optimum result, use this device 90 degree close to the skin.
• The procedure is very easy to learn and perform and no advanced training is required.

 laser hair removal


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