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Protect Those Knees with Silicon Padded Pressure Knee Wrap Support

They lift, they bend, they squat, they snap! They are your knees. Mind to give them some working gap? Your mum had a bad knee pain last night, and all you could do was give her warm compress using a hot water bag, in the absence of a knee wrap support. The local gym had another incident of the knee snapping during work-out for your friend today. If you look around yourself, you shall find many instances of knee pain around.

Ideally, Knee Wrap support or elastic brace for knees help you bring in this aspect of care for the most strained part of your legs, in an easy and affordable way. This fantastic silicon padded knee wrap tends to reduce the shock and keep your patella stable. It’s made of environmentally neoprene material, which makes it breathable and non-allergic to your skin. Let’s review its key features.


1. Knee brace for Osteoarthritis – These are designed to help the knee undertake heavy load lifting, mainly used while exercising by body-builders and weight lifters. It’s highly stretchable and thick, thereby making them highly suited for squatting using heavy weights or intense cycling.

2. Heat Therapy – It’s meant for mild therapy and pain relief through heat application. The heat may be created by the compressor material in the body of the knee wrap.

3. Improves Blood Circulation – It’s designed for bringing in combined effects of compression, magnetic action, heat therapy and structural support. A good side of using magnetic therapy is that the blood capillaries get relaxed, thereby increasing the oxygen flow and blood circulation to the injured joint.

4. Soft & Comfortable to Wear – It’s highly comfortable to wear and breathable due to its smart ergonomic design. The use of EVA anti-bump pad inside the knee wrap support will provide a better sense of protection and softness.

5. Protect Ligament Injuries – It also protects you from ligament injuries causes due to trekking, cycling or intense weight lifting.


Knee Wrap Support


Size – 41 cm x 16 cm x 7cm (Length x Width x Thickness)

Material – It’s made of nylon neoprene material, which makes it durable and breathable.

Comfortable to wear – Its super elastic feature along with knee-hole design makes it comfortable to wear. Further, this knee support has holes on its back that get you rid of uncomfortable feeling.

Adjustable – It has strong nylon hook and loop fasteners provides strong protection by fitting appropriately on your knees and protect for your meniscus and prevent patella.

EVA Foam – Internally, it’s padded with EVA anti-bump foam for a better sense of protection.

Remember, prevention is a hundred times better than cure. This is increasingly true in the case of knee joints that undergo stress on a daily basis and need a lot of time to get cured, once they are injured.

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