Bunion Corrector Toe Separator

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Bunions are quite painful, and people are facing this trouble are trying to get the best treatments for the same. If you think that bunion surgery is the perfect answer, then you are wrong – many simplified treatments are recently becoming quite powerful than surgeries from all aspects.

Treat your bunion problem gently and comfortably by using the revolutionary foot bunion corrector toe separator. Simply wear it at night for speedy relief after a tough day. It will effectively ease pain and pressure on your tired feet. Let’s review its key features:


  • Stretches & Align Toes – Its smart ergonomic design helps to adjust the big toe problem and prevent valgus hallux.
  • Increase Circulation – This bunion corrector toe separator applies a three-point pressure system allowing to treat valgus hallux problem. Adjustable metatarsal pad relieves the pain of toe joints, optimizing pressure distribution.
  • Reduce Foot Discomfort – Due to its soft and padded design, it helps to reduce the foot discomfort after having a hectic day. Anatomically adjust curved metatarsal, and toe straps provide comfort and fit.
Bunion Corrector Toe Separator


  • Medical Grade Material – It’s made up of thin, soft, and light medical grade PE material to save you from swellings, rubbing, and increasing bruising.
  • Comfortable & Breathable – You feel more relaxed, as it soothes and releases stiffness and bunion pain near the joint.
  • Soft Gel – It’s equipped with a soft gel that reduces friction between toes and shoes
  • Adjustable Straps – Its flexible fabric with the adjustable strapping system makes it perfect for every type of foot size and aligns big toe.
  • Dural Strapping – Dual strapping system soothes the mid-foot arch.
  • Soft Padding – Padded hinged splint protects irritated tissue and absorbs pressure.

The doctors have noticed that bunions occur mainly due to any kind of foot injuries. If the foot injuries remain untreated for a long time, then they might get converted into bunions. Bunions are really quite painful and at times the pain becomes simply unbearable.


The foot bunion corrector is used for relaxing time; we suggest that you put it on at night.

  1. Release the Velcro strap and apply the splint on the big toe.
  2. Draw the Velcro beneath the foot and across the foot dorsum.
  3. Let the Velcro pass through the slit of the plastic clasp.
  4. Tighten the Velcro and secure it until the big toe appears to be correctly positioned.

ShapeFitup™ is dedicated to finding pain relief for bunion and foot pain. We do some researches and provide high-quality products to meet your individual needs.

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