Back Stretcher Equipment

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Say goodbye to sore achy backs for good with our Back Stretcher Equipment!

If you’re constantly suffering from a tense, tight, and achy back then this Back Stretcher Equipment is the only thing you’ll ever need to keep your back loose and perfectly aligned.

By resting your back on the arched support of the Back Stretcher Equipment you’ll be alleviating all built-up tension away so you feel less tight and more loose!

3 levels of adjustment: There are 3 different levels in which you can arch the Back Corrector up so you don’t have to go to the extreme end if you’re suffering from minor pain.

By laying on the Back Stretcher Equipment a few times a day you’ll start to notice a straighter posture when walking or sitting. The curved arch of the Back Stretcher Equipment was designed to realign your spine back it’s proper position so you don’t have to schedule that appointment with your physical therapist!

Back Stretcher Equipment


  • 3 levels of adjustment to arch your back in
  • Helps realign your spine while straightening your posture
  • A compact and portable design you can take with you anywhere
  • Made with premium ABS material that’s durable to the touch
  • Great for those constantly sitting in a fixed position

Realign your spine and decrease back pain with our Back Stretcher Equipment and order yours online today!

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