800,000 Flash Laser Epilator Hair Removal Machine

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Get Rid of Those Unwanted Hair with our 800,000 Flashes IPL Hair Removal Machine!

Normal hair removing methods - shaving, plucking and waxing. These methods provide only short-term relief but the IPL hair removal machine is non-invasive and safely removes unwanted hair from the face and body without damaging the fragile pores and structures of the skin.

Understand that the hair grows in a growing cycle, and to utilize a laser hair removal machine to its effective treatment is important to treat the unwanted hair during the hair growth cycle. This fantastic machine operates in five easy energy modes, which makes hair removal process fast, easy and safe. The hair removal process has never been so easy with this smart portable & compact device.

• The process of hair removal is quick and easy.
• After having the treatment, the regrowth of hair will become slow or stopped.
• It avoids the risk of ingrown hairs permanently.
• Overtime, you will experience a permanent result.
• The process if 100% safe and painless.

800,000 Flash Laser Epilator Hair Removal Machine

800,000 Flashes – This 800,000 flashes laser epilator hair removal machines prevent the regrowth of hair from its follicles.

Five Intensity Levels – It makes the removal process easier for all types of skin.

100% Safe & Effective – Its five adjustable energy levels are meant for gentle treatment, which makes the hair removal process painless without hurting the skin.

Fast & Comfy Process – Due to its perfect wavelength, the hair removal process becomes fast and effective.

Easy to Use & Carry – Keep it in your bag and get yourself treated anywhere anytime.


1. To prepare your body for removal of the unwanted hair shave the hair from the area to be treated with the laser hair removal machine the night before.
2. Adjust the heat settings on your laser hair removal machine to the setting to fit your needs.
3. There are normally 05 optimal energy modes to select. The highest setting will yield the best for removing unwanted hair. If the highest setting is too unpleasant, start on low, then steadily go higher as your skin adjusts to the sensation.
4. Press the IPL hair removal machine against your skin on the unwanted hair, permitting the laser to penetrate the unwanted hair follicles.
5. Move the laser hair removal machine one or two millimeters after each light heart-beat to cover as many hair follicles as practical.
6. Continue doing this till you have satisfactorily applied the treatment all over the unwanted hair area.

So, regain your confidence back by treating your hairs smartly and get silky smooth skin in no-time.

• Clean and dry your skin before you use the laser hair removal machine at home.
• Apply some baby powder to the area with the unwanted hair to be treated to take in excess moisture from the skin. A laser hair removal machine will work better on the skin that's moisture-free.


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