11 Pcs TPE Resistance Tubes Set

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Build those muscles with our 11 Pcs TPE Resistance Tubes Set

Start shaping up at home. Make use of your time to get the physique you have been wanting. We have the right fitness equipment for you. 


Are you a frequent traveler because of work or other obligations? If you are, then you know just how difficult it can be to be in shape and stay fit. Frequent travel is not exactly compatible with a healthy lifestyle. With the consuming of not so healthy foods on the run, to finding exercising next to impossible.

How to accomplish desired weight and looks? Well, with a large amount of pre-planning and some alternative decisions and methods, it can be achieved.

The TPE resistance band special clip system will enable you to use the resistance tubes individually or combined to create 15 levels of resistance. Therefore, you will be able to generate the right amount of stress for each muscle group be it at home or on the go. Would you use a 5 lbs dumbbell to exercise all of your muscles - can be! But there's a smarter way. 


  • Black Color Band – Extra Heavy gives 30 lbs. resistance
  • Green Color Band – Heavy gives 25 lbs. resistance
  • Blue Color Band – Medium gives 20 lbs. resistance
  • Red Color Band – Light gives 15 lbs. resistance
  • Yellow Color Band – Extra Light gives 10 lbs. resistance


  • Perform Light to Intense Workout – The advantage of the YOGA resistance tube is that it is totally adjustable. By simply using a number of different tubes, you can create the right amount of resistance for every level of strength.
  • Unique Clip system - Our unique-clip system allows the user to vary the resistance in a snap so each muscle group can get the maximum workout without feeling overloaded or underworked.
  • Portable & Travel Friendly – Resistance tubes are light, so they are truly portable - It can be carried absolutely anywhere. This mighty mite is perfect for the traveler who wants their health club quality exercises without going to a health club.
  • User-Friendly Design – Resistance tubes are arguably the simplest form of an exercise machine. You don't have to be Charles Atlas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or have a Ph.D. to understand how to use them.
  • Quiet – No clanging - no banging! Resistance tubes are clean, quiet resistance. They do not make any noise - none. The only noise that you will hear when you use our system is your own struggling and breathing.


11 Pcs TPE Resistance Tubes Set



  • High Quality Material – It’s made of 1200mm thick latex tube to provide maximum safety while exercising.
  • 100 Lbs. Resistance – Combine all 5 ropes to get a resistance of 100 lbs. for intense level workouts.
  • Compact & portable – It’s extremely light-weight and portable to exercise anywhere anytime.
  • Sturdy Buckle – It’s equipped with robust buckling system to provide strong support while pulling.
  • Soft Anti-Slip handle – High-quality cotton foam handle makes your gripping sweat-free and comfy.

Using such little space, you can perform your routine right about anywhere, even at home or in the office during a break. You can do stretches that can relax you and invigorate you or you can go for the strength training; everything in between also!

Whatever your fitness goals are when choosing a piece of exercise equipment, the resistance band will help you get there.

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